american made awards 2014

It's that time of year again where I ask for your vote in the Martha Stewart American Made awards. Some seriously exciting things are happening for me lately, and being considered by the judges would be the icing on the cake. (More later about the craziest week of opportunities I just had!)

It looks like I have not been selected as a finalist at this writing, BUT there is still a chance for me to grab one of the 200 "wild card" slots by having my papel SF American Made page shared through social media. 

Here's how you can help, if you are so inclined. Click through to my papel SF American Made page and you can share it on your Facebook page or Twitter feed through the social media buttons provided there. You can also read a little more about how papel SF got started, where it's headed, and other good stuff like that. I think the deadline for this is September 9th, 2014. If you would share the link, it would mean the world to me.

I thought really, really hard about what "American made" means to me, when asked, and I filtered my answer down to something simple, written maybe too simply, but something I feel I came to honestly.

American Made is the process of finding what it is you truly want to do and being lucky enough to be able to try to do it. Whether it be someone working in their garage after they get home from work and their kids are in bed, or someone striking out on their own to start their own business, being fortunate enough to be able to pursue those things in one way or another means American Made to me.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


paper godetia + bougainvillea tutorial

I'm very excited to share my latest project as Carte Fini's featured artist. This one is much simpler than many of the ones I've done for them over the past year. I just discovered godetia recently in the checkout line at the grocery store and now I'm hooked. I bought a bouquet, worked up some blossoms, and now can make about forty of them in a sitting without batting an eyelash. They are dead ringers for the real thing! The bougainvillea are more of a gestural representation of that flower than the actual thing, but they look beautiful, too.

Here's that link:

Have fun with it!


i'm still here

Hi, it's been a while. I took a few weeks off in July and August. We took a road trip to Portland and Washington, which was lovely, and I spent some serious time focusing on the kids, which was much needed. Now they are are back in school (so sad), and I'm back to work.

I just finished up a new tutorial for Carte Fini, so look for that soon. I had a very successful sale with One Kings Lane in mid-August and was one of their featured San Francisco artists. I talked about some of my favorite San Francisco spots. You can read that here, if you're so inclined. This week I am trying to finish a commission for someone who has been patiently waiting since May, pulling together Oliver's birthday plans (he's turning five!), doing some major "renovations" around here that make our place so much more livable (a dining table!), getting my photo taken by Chloe Aftel (exciting!) and probably a lot more things than I can remember right now. Next week I'm trying to keep my slate clear to finish up every single grant and residency application I am looking at, all somehow due right around the same day. Then it's on to workshop season! I'll make some more announcements soon, but right now you can see and register for all of my fall and winter workshops here.

What else? I'm starting to enjoy running, very much actually, but when I'm in the thick of working it's very hard to get out there, and now the days are getting shorter. Still looking to find a great routine. Somehow, the way we reorganized our flat recently has bought me a little more time. I have a place to keep my work now while we eat, and I think it's just easier to clean now, so that's great. I'll figure it all out soon. Just feeling lucky to have this life right now, as always. 

I'll be back soon with that new tutorial. Have a great week!


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